Brielle Von Hugel

New York based singer-songwriter was heavily inspired from music at an early age. Brielle singer-songwriter mixes pop-edge with yesterday’s bluesy, smoky tones to give her musical storytelling grit. Her powerful pipes have garnered her multiple television and press appearances such as; FOX’s Good Day New York, Industry Magazine, and various fundraisers. At age 16, Brielle was one of the Top 12 girls’ semi-finalists on Season 11 of American Idol. Brielle has reached over 17K YouTube subscribers and over 31K Spotify monthly listeners. Her growing audience looks to her for guidance as she continues to release liberating music that encourages individuality.


Tracks & Videos


Brielle brings a refreshing emotional depth to the pop scene with her sophisticated voice and natural storytelling. In her latest song “Naked,” Brielle’s powerhouse vocals delicately belts over a stripped down solo piano. She describes that intimate phase of a relationship when a partner feels comfortable enough to expose their true self. Brielle wipes away her makeup to reveal her physical flaws as well as her internal imperfections. Her metaphorical yet, sincere songwriting peels back the layers of her past and sends a deeper message that encourages listeners to be themselves.


Stronger feat. b.o.b.

Brielle soars through each verse with airy and sultry vocals that build into a vigorous roar, showcasing the immense range in her voice. “Stronger” drips with pure honesty and passion as Brielle belts “say what you want, take down my walls, so I’ve been through it all; been through the fire. Day by day my flame is getting higher.” The song touches on each individual’s life struggles and ‘growing pains’ that continuously make each person stronger. Billboard charting B.O.B. continues the momentum with an intense and rhythmic vocal delivery. His natural rap abilities flow freely through the verse as he proclaims the obstacles that only make him live longer and push him to be more competitive.

New York producer Exodus joins forces with House duo, Sweet & Sour to transform this pop single into an upbeat dance track. The rising producers combine elements of electro, progressive and tropical house to create an irresistible and breezy spring release.


Symphony feat. Mario Jose and Michael Mancuso

Brielle Von Hugel, Mario Jose and Michael Mancuso rejuvenate Clean Bandit’s “Symphony” with an energetic blend of harmonic verses and bold vocal talents. This emotional rendition describes a lost lover finally discovering their soulmate and metaphorically relating it to the immediate feeling of falling in love with a song that is continuously on repeat. Together this mesmerizing and powerhouse trio arouse new emotive depths and dynamical vibrations to the original.

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